Frequently Asked Questions.

We partner with local and national companies in a variety of industries. 

Working with a staffing service can save you valuable time and money. By outsourcing staffing, you can focus on growing your business rather than interviewing and screening new hires. Workforce also gives you flexibility. If seasonal employees are needed to support an influx of business or temp-to-hire employees are needed to support a large project, partnering with Workforce is a smart investment.

Although our office is based out of Minersville PA, we have the applicant pool and capabilities of servicing the following counties:

        • Schuylkill
        • Carbon 
        • Luzerne 
        • Dauphin 
        • Lebanon 
        • Berks
        • Lehigh
        • Northampton
        • Columbia
        • Montour
        • Northumberland 

Most placements are for full-time positions, but we also hire for part-time and true temporary/seasonal positions.

We find our talent using multiple sources including our applicant database, job boards such as Indeed, social media campaigns, networking events, job fairs, referrals, and subscription-based resume searches.

The length of time it takes depends on how you want to hire employees. Quickfill positions can be filled within hours. Highly skilled positions may take us a few days to interview, screen, and vet the candidates. It’s also important that we get your feedback on candidates as quickly as possible. If you are choosing to review resumes, interview, and tour candidates that will add to the length of the process.

Getting new candidates can take hours or days. It depends on the available applicant pool and the position you need filled. That’s why we are always looking for fresh talent or employees who are looking for better opportunities within their field. Our recruitment experts are dedicated to filling your open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can be as involved as you want to be. Whether you want to let us handle all the hiring decisions or if you want to be involved in the interviewing. We will work with you to figure out a hiring process that makes the most sense for your company.

Yes. Workforce can also help you when you identify an employee and need someone to payroll them for you. We offer very competitive rates for this type of staffing.

Yes, Workforce can work with your current MSP and VMS. We are very familiar with the MSP process and have experience with working with the following vendor management systems:

          • FieldGlass
          • IQNavigator
          • Beeline
          • Coupa

Workforce hires employees in a variety of positions including:

        • Light Industrial Manufacturing
        • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing
        • Warehousing and Distribution
        • Industrial Technicians 
        • Driving (CDL and non-CDL)
        • Administrative / Business Services
        • Skilled Trades 
        • Service Technicians

Our team of recruiters is constantly sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. It’s what we do. This gives us a substantial edge in finding employees who will be the right match for your company. We’ll do the recruiting while you focus on production, increasing your profits, and taking care of your customers.

Another important consideration is risk. When you hire employees, you expose yourself to compliance claims. This can greatly affect your unemployment rates and workers compensation insurance if you hire the wrong people. By partnering with Workforce, you transfer that risk to us.

We remain competitive within the local market. Ease of fill, quantity of workers needed, workers compensation rate, and skill level requirements impact cost. Request a free quote today. 

Although this will vary, typically we have anywhere between 30 and 40 individuals apply with each week.

Yes, we provide 12-panel drug screens at the request of our clients.

If the candidate is hired as a Workforce employee, they will complete an I-9 Form, and we will verify the information on www.uscis.gov/e-verify.

Our payroll/invoicing week is Monday to Sunday, but we can work with your pay schedule. Timesheets are due on a Monday by 2:00PM. Employees are paid weekly on a Friday. 

The standard contract length is 90 days before you can direct hire our employees. This can, however, be negotiated (which would impact the cost). We also offer a very competitive conversion fee structure. Not interested in a 90 day contract? Ask us about our direct hire agreements.

Sometimes, but it is important to think about offering a “liveable” wage instead of the lowest wage. Overall, employees that earn a liveable wage are easier to find, more dependable, and stay longer. You may realize a much higher ROI by paying a higher wage. We notice the advantages compared to those offering lower wages who experience difficulty finding employees and absenteeism.

Changing staffing services can be a daunting task, but we are very experienced in managing this process. We can help you develop a transition plan that is non-disruptive to your operations and current workers.