Our customized approach is flexible and adaptable to meet any staffing needs. We provide comprehensive employment staffing solutions that combine recruiting, screening, interviewing and personalized onboarding for easy and efficient placement of labor for jobs of any size. Find a plan today that fits your business needs. 

Direct Hire Placements

We can provide direct hire placements in a wide range of professions and industries. We offer two different solutions for direct hire staffing. 

We can source candidates and handle all aspects of advertising and marketing your positions. We will generate the initial interest and send you their resumes. You are in control of reviewing resumes, screening candidates, interviewing and hiring. 

We can also provide a more involved approach. We can source candidates and review all resumes. Our recruiters will conduct the initial face to face interview prior to scheduling job-site interviews with your staff. We will also administer testing and assessments as needed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities for a position. We will identify the top candidates and present them for you to review.